Neil and his team are often asked to dispose of a full house or part premises clearance of unwanted furniture and household goods for our customers.

We realise that organising a house clearance can be a daunting prospect, particularly if the circumstances involve either a bereavement or whereby a family member has needed to move house unexpectedly.

Therefore Neil and his staff always try to suggest that items are either donated to local charities or recycling services or in some cases Neil will offer to dispose of the items or buy them off you.

So, if you require a quotation for a house clearance, or if you just want a bit of advice or to ask a few questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Call us on Tel No. 01363 772055


Full House Clearance

If you’re organising a full house clearance, we can clear the entire contents of a property, whether it’s a house, flat, or any other type of dwelling or office premises.

If your need for a house clearance is due to a bereavement, we’re able to work with estate agents, solicitors or any other personal or legal representative of the family or executors, and are flexible in dealing with clearance requirements and requests, and realise that the cost of such a house clearance is usually recoverable from the estate of the deceased and we’ll always provide a full tax invoice for this purpose.

We’re often asked to carry out a house clearance whereby the person who’s organising it lives many miles away. In these circumstances, we will take instructions by telephone, letter or e-mail.

We’ll also arrange to collect keys from a location or person acting for you locally, e.g. solicitor, estate agent, family member/friend neighbour etc.

We are versatile and try to be as flexible and helpful as possible when carrying out house clearances so that your property can be cleared quickly and safely and your wishes for part or all of the contents to be disposed of in a environmentally and sympathetic way are taken into account.

Part House Clearance

Many requests we receive are for part clearances of properties whereby tenants or previously let properties may have moved out and have left behind belongings, or maybe a relative is moving into  sheltered, residential or nursing care. If this is the case, we can move any items of furniture or personal effects to the new property as required and then dispose of anything remaining which is no longer required.

So give us a call on 01393 772055 for all your house clearance requirements

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